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“Life is not always going to go as planned. Tides change and things go in different directions. You can’t stop the waves from happening, but you can learn to move with them. They may not take you in the direction that you had planned, but they will take you exactly where you are meant to be.” 

Amber Glassman

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With decades of experience, Ginny commands the room. Whether your audience is a conference room of C-level executives or a gymnasium full of kids, she has a talent for capturing the crowd and delivering a powerful message that sticks and sparks conversations. As a Masters student in neuropsychology, she loves making mindfulness and neuroscience applicable to real life. So, you can create your own impact with lasting results.

Her current keynote topics include: Teaching kids how to meditate The power of positive self-talk (for kids) Mindfulness in the workplace Moving through grief The neuroscience of hope

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Keynote topics

Below are a few of Ginny’s most popular past keynotes. In addition to these topics, Ginny speaks about mindfulness and how to teach meditation to kids. If you’re interested in group hypnotherapy for your event, this is the place to inquire about that too!

Neuroscience of the screen

Developed for content strategists, UX designers, and small businesses building their own websites, this talk walks you through the importance of what you put on the screen and considerations you should take for the brain of your ideal user or customer.

Your Brain in biz

Did you know that your brain is responding to things you “don’t notice” all day long? Learn how this is affecting the way you show up at work, at home and in other areas of life. Walk away with simple, practical, science-backed tools that help you take back control.

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Goal-setting in relationships

In life we set goals all the time, but what about in our relationships. Many times we are operating under expectations in our relationships rather than agreements. Whether you’re single, dating, or partnered, learn how to set goals and move foreward.

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