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The process

How RTT works

Next-level Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy® identifies root causes of physical, mental, and emotional issues through safe, effective hypnotherapy. Understanding is power, and understanding from a subconscious state is the most empowering form of understanding because of the quick shifts our brain adopts. Mental health professionals world-wide are turning to RTT® claiming it is even more effective than EMDR.

Neurobiological Impact

When it comes to physical issues, there is often a psychological or emotional element that factors into the issue, whether it’s weight issues, fertility, a recurring injury, or chronic illness. Through the work of Bruce Lipton and epigenetics, we know that our cells have intelligence. RTT® takes a holistic approach quickly psychological and emotional factors, capitalizing on the power of neurobiology, and reprogramming the intelligence of your cells.


Working with Ginny

When you experience Ginny’s calming presence combined with the powerful questioning of an experienced coach and the knowledge of a neuropsychologist, you know that she genuinely cares for her clients. She is here to both support you and challenge you to take your narrative into your own hands and shift the stories you’ve been telling yourself.

This isn’t your average “lie on the couch and tell me how this makes you feel” therapy. RTT clients are ready for results. Many clients achieve their desired outcome in only one session.

Every RTT journey starts with a complimentary Shift Strategy session to give you more insight, a plan, and to make sure you feel comfortable working with Ginny.

small shifts with big impact


A solution for everyone

RTT session packages

RTT is for people who are ready to commit to lasting change and many clients experience radical change in only one session. Challenges in the areas of career/money, fitness/weight, and dating/relationships thrive when coupled with life coaching. 
A Shift Strategy Session does not commit you to a plan; it’s a way for us to get started on your shift!

Single RTT Session

In your Shift Strategy Session, we get clear on your goals and the challenge you are overcoming, answer any questions you have about hypnotherapy, and get you started on your intake form. In RTT, we tackle one challenge at a time, and many clients see results in just one session.
$ 399
  • One 20- to 30-minute Strategy Session
  • One 90- to 120-minute RTT session
  • A self-hypno recording to reinforce your session
  • Regular email check-ins for up to 3 weeks

Kids RTT Series

Kids have the ability to change so quickly if empowered with the right tools. I've been privileged to work with some amazing kiddos, ages 7-12, to treat anxiety, behavioral, and emotional issues. For the littles we do a series of 3 and not all will include hypnosis. This helps ensure they are comfortable and progressing.
$ 299
  • One 30-minute strategy call with parent
  • Three 30-minute sessions with child
  • Three personalized recordings for child
  • 1:1 support throughout the series

Coaching with RTT

Changes (think: fitness/healthy living, dating, and career/money) benefit from including tangible action to move you toward your goal. In a series of coaching sessions after your RTT session, I help you craft micro-goals and create a plan of action to expedite your success. This series is best spread over 60-90 days.
$ 799
  • One 20- to 30-minute Strategy Session
  • One RTT session + personal recording
  • Four 50-minute coaching calls
  • 1:1 support throughout your series

be inspired

"True Life is lived when tiny changes occur." -TOLSTOY How much could your life transform if you courageously made big changes?