By realizing the power in your unique story

You empower yourself to live a life you love

Ginny built a career telling other people’s stories. As a regular contributor at Good Grit magazine, she told the stories of influential, modern-day Southerners, that had her readers laughing, crying, and believing in the good of humanity again. She’s worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies to help them humanize their brands and connect to their audiences on an emotional level.

But when she realized the power in her own story, she started seeing the impact it had on the people around her. Now, she draws on her own life experiences, as well as her education in coaching, hypnotherapy, and neuropsychology to publish books (for both kids and grownups) that teach you how to master your thoughts, and grow through life’s greatest challenges.

Magic Kids by Ginny Ellsworth

Magic Kids

There are kids all over the world who are born without a daddy because that’s what their mommy chose… but that doesn’t mean their family is missing something. Magic Kids provides an exciting story that celebrates family diversity and empowers children of Single Mothers by Choice to embrace their stories.

Rise Up by Ginny Ellsworth

Rise Up: reach for your light

Rise Up is a daily meditation that has been adapted for children, giving parents a tool to help teach their children how to recognize emotions and get centered before (or without) reacting to negative emotions that arise. This book presents a valuable intrapersonal skill for all ages, regardless of religion, in a fun way.

Making Spirit-Led Decisions

In Making Spirit-Led Decisions, learn how to use your God-given intuition to sort through outside influences and make decisions you feel confident in. Published in 2023, the second edition of this best-seller, has an accompanying journal to help you navigate the inner work throughout the book.

The Mindful Kids App

The app that helps little hearts navigate big feelings.

The Mindful Kids app, aims to provide practical tools to help kids identify emotions and process them rather than defaulting to a reactive state. With easy to follow mindfulness activities and kid-friendly meditations, the app helps children and parents:

  • Build Compassion & Empathy
  • Improve Emotional Regulation
  • Grow in Self-Awareness
  • Reset & Balance the Nervous System
  • Spread Love, Joy, and Peace

Stories are the #1 brain-state changer on the planet.

-Terry Small

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Are you ready to edit the stories you've been telling yourself?

When it comes to the stories that are keeping us stuck, the power to change them is in our hands.

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a form of hypnotherapy that combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to identify the root cause of the obstacle you want to overcome (or the moment in life your brain created the story or belief that is keeping you stuck). RTT brings the exact belief to the surface, allows you to make sense of it, and then reroutes the neural pathway that continues to reinforce the old belief… literally changing your story.