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I'm Ginny

I built a career as a writer and storyteller. In print, radio, and digital, I’ve captured the unseen gems that make peoples’ stories unique, helped major companies relate to their audience, drawn-out quotable answers with my knack for asking powerful questions.

The first Rapid Transformational Therapy® session I experienced uncovered a purpose that I didn’t realize was missing. I only knew I jumped from one thing to the next, always enthusiastically and with inspiring ideas. In fact, the new story to tell, new problems to solve, and new audiences to connect with are what kept me in content and storytelling.

I remember the shame around being a multi-passionate creative and the pressure to “just pick something” and stick with it. I shoved down my creativity to pursue something, well, everyone seemed to call “real” and even then, I was handed the belief that “writers don’t make money.”

Even though I’d built a great career in content that was in demand and that I loved, I found that if I couldn’t connect a meaningful purpose to what I did every day, I felt empty. Through RTT, I uncovered what my brain and subconscious already knew: my skills were meant to be used in a deeper way. Immediately, opportunities started appearing and my life began to shift.

Within 6 months, I’d published a best-selling book that used parts of my own story to help others use their intuition to make life-altering decisions. I learned that owning the power of my story helped other people change their lives too. I pursued world-class life coach training, spending nights and weekends studying and helping clients grow.

My ghostwriting clients became coaching clients, and I watched them heal through the experience of telling their stories too. My curiosity about the affects writing about trauma (and life’s tough experiences) has on the brain lead me study neuroscience and then back to train in Rapid Transformational Therapy®.

The more I learned about the brain and the power it possesses, not only to heal itself, but to remove limiting beliefs and “the stories we tell ourselves” (as Brené Brown says), the more I understood that the power to change is literally in our own hands… or, well, our brains.

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Purpose + Passion

The storylines that we create as we experience life and then store in our subconscious are often the only thing standing between us and our wildest dreams without us even realizing it. My purpose is to demystify the mystical for you, to continue to learn the science behind our magical minds and make it easy to apply to everyday life — and to empower you with tools to make small shifts that create a big impact (even if you don’t give a lick about the science). My passion is helping you “edit your story” — identifying your subconscious beliefs and rewriting the storylines that keep you stuck — so you can create the lasting change that you desire and that you deserve.