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Life is hard.

Rarely turning out the way we plan, our life experience can easily be seen as one disappointment after another. Along the way, our brains create stories and adopt beliefs (or “rules” to live by) in an effort to protect us from future disappointment and pain. These stories that we subconsciously tell ourselves mold our identity and influence our decisions. They also limit us — preventing us from pursuing what we truly desire, convincing us that we can’t or that we’re not good enough, ultimately keeping the hope of a life that you love at bay.

Take control.

Studies have shown that we have the power to shift these stories by changing our brains — hello, neuroplasticity — even if they are deeply rooted in our subconscious. Rapid Transformational Therapy® gets straight to the root cause of these beliefs, provides an understanding of why they exists, and helps you shift your neural pathways to thought patterns that better serve you now. In RTT, we use proven methods like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to empower you to shift.

The power to shift your subconscious is yours.

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When it comes to your life story, you are the one holding the pen.

My life was far from what I had planned and every major decision felt like a wrong turn in the end. The shame began to snowball, and I did my best to fly under radar of all the pointing fingers — until I learned that my power was right there, in my own, messed-up, coffee-stained story.

The subconscious (and at some level conscious) belief that I made terrible life decisions was actually holding me back from an amazing life that was waiting for me.

Through a lot of experience and even more education, I learned to rewrite the subconscious stories I tell myself. As I continue to grow in awareness of these sneaky stories and shift them, I watch my life continue to transform — and now I get to help others do the same.

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